Hypnotherapy NYC

What is Hypnosis?

How can hypnosis help you?

Everyone can benefit from Hypnosis. All you need is to be able to focus on your body and follow guided visualization.

Hypnosis is a natural state that occurs throughout the day when you feel like you doze off into a dreamlike state, when you watch TV and you become unaware of your surroundings or when you are driving and become really focused on the road.

Hypnosis is not sleep, it is a state of hyper-awareness. During a hypnosis session, you remain in control at all times. While in Hypnosis you remain conscious of what is going on, you are able to talk, move or go to the bathroom should the need arise.

Hypnosis is the best tool to access your subconscious mind. By accessing the subconscious part of your mind you can become aware of unconscious self imposed limitations, address and heal self-sabotaging beliefs, thoughts, emotional patterns and behaviors.

Everyone has their own beliefs about themselves and the world, everyone is going through life in their own trance, their own reality. In a way, everyone is already hypnotized.

Whether you wish to have more self-esteem, release negative patterns or negative relationships, release anxiety and negative feelings or just wish to feel more positive in general, Regression Hypnotherapy will be beneficial to you.


What People Say



"I'm feeling much better since our session, thank you very much. I've already been able to benefit multiple times from what was brought up and be able to calm myself down and think before overreacting in moments. I'm amazed at how powerful connecting to my younger self was."

Negative Pattern

"I needed help to get rid of some old deeply anchored addictive behavior that was holding me back from living my life fully. It was my first hypnosis experience and I didn't know what to expect. Maeva was sweet, understanding and compassionate and in only two sessions she literally CHANGED MY LIFE. I have found myself and I fear less. Nothing seems unachievable."

"Our session was incredible, I got so much more out of it than I would have ever expected! It was really powerful, and helped me look at things in a completely different way. I even had a very intense and vivid dream that night that brought to life all the key elements that came up as part of this discovery, it was very poignant!"


Low Self esteem

"Merci encore de toute votre aide, Je ne me suis jamais sentie aussi bien."


Success rates with Hypnotherapy sessions

In the review article below, Dr Barrios pointed out that the average success rate for hypnotherapy was 93% after an average of 6 sessions. This was compared to a 38% success rate after an average of 600 sessions for psychoanalysis and 72% after 22 sessions for behavior therapy.

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